Immediate and total ceasefire of the genocide on Palestinians in Gaza

This petition calls upon the US, UK, Israel to:

  1. Agree to a total ceasefire and end the genocide of Gaza.
  2. Israel to pay reparations for Arab construction companies to rebuild Gaza.
  3. For Europe, USA and Israel to stay out of the contracts for reconstruction of Gaza.
  4. The USA, UK and Israel to pay compensation for the civilians who were killed by the israeli bombardment.
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At 20,000 signatures...

We will send to this petition to all UK MPs every day, pressuring them to speak up in parliament

At 100,000 signatures...

We will arrange a public demonstration every weekend until a ceasefire is in place.

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Created date: 29 November 2023
Deadline: 19 May 2025All petitions run for 6 months